"Fabulous. These fellows were thorough and clean, and I am continuing to admire the quality over a year later, as it still looks just newly caulked and painted. I think they did above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend them. I had to tear out my deck this year, and it is clear that the paint crew went under the old deck, in hard to reach places, and completely painted the siding that no one would've seen. However, now that the deck is off the house, and won't be the same footprint as before, it's even more important that I won't have much repainting to do-- only where the old ledger and siding were removed by deck demolition. I'd hire them again in a minute."

Mark Z. - Boise, ID

"Christian did an outstanding job on our house exterior, dealing with wasps, a hole made by birds, a section of dry rot, and other issues that came up. They were incredibly flexible, good natured and skilled, doing on-the-spot carpentry that turned out beautifully and painting one section of trim about four times to make it look right."

Bob W. - Kuna, ID

"The job was done in 3 days: 1) the 1st day they did the Simple Green treatment and pressure washing. 2) The sidings were painted on the 2nd day. 3) Trims and decks were painted on the 3rd day, then they did touch up. I was asked to check on their work for anything they might miss, they did a great job."

Ahn L. - Meridian, ID

“They taped everything that did not needed to paint. Covered plants. scraped old paint, that had blistered. Painted everything. Owner came twice to check if everything was done the way he liked. Some places that were skipped had to be painted. After they were finished they cleaned up thoroughly. Left the area very clean. Overall fantastic job and this company is highly recommended.”

Louise D. – Boise, ID

I met with the boss, Christian, ahead of time, and to go over the job and get a good quote. He asked lots of questions to make sure he understood exactly what was expected. He sent me a written quote via email that looked good so I accepted it. Christian also suggested where I could get the paint brand we agreed on on sale at a cheaper price than he could get with his contractor discount, which was a good money-saver for me. Christian sent out a crew of three folks for the job, including the foreman, Fred. They did a good job scraping and pressure washing, getting the house very clean. The priming and painting also went very well. They followed all the directions I had given Christian and stopped to ask questions before doing anything that was not well specified in the original instructions I gave. They were also very good during the job to clean up after themselves every day. I am extremely pleased with the job and impressed by both Christian's professionalism and Fred's attention to detail in making sure he and his crew did a great job. This is one of the best experiences I've had with a contractor recently and I went ahead and contacted them a week later with another smaller job I had on another structure based on my first experience, so I will (and did) use them again!”

David P. – Boise, ID

“Christian came out and walked the exterior with me and promptly emailed my estimate. We agreed on pricing and discussed some details, then signed the contract w/ payment for the first half. Christian was absolutely wonderful to work with from everything from scheduling to helping us choose colors. We had a terrible time choosing colors, so Christian's help and patience was much appreciated. The work was accomplished professionally and without incident. The crew took measures to protect our landscape and left our yard neat each evening. Christian remained very involved in the project. I knew from start to finish that my satisfaction would be guaranteed. I've already recommended them to friends.”

Deanna P. – Star, ID


“Our house is only 6 years old, but the trim paint was showing wear, especially on the sunny side of the house. I contacted 3 painters for quotes. One took 4 days to get back to me and almost another week to get me a quote. This was our preferred painter because we've used the company before, but since we're prepping for sale we weren't comfortable with his time table. The second painter came out right away and left a quote while he was there. It was so expensive that I was in shock and thinking we would have to do it ourselves. Christian called pretty quickly and came out to quote the next day. He was very personable and said he would get a quote back to me that evening. He followed through on the quote and the price was amazing, 40% less than the first quote and 65% less than the second! I signed the agreement the next day and emailed it back to them on a Friday. They knew timing was important, so they were out to pressure wash on Monday. Christian emailed me ahead of time to let me know the time they would be at our house. They arrived on time and got to work. We had rain the next few days, but Christian emailed me to let me know they were planning to be back as soon as the rain let up which appeared to be Friday. He then followed up on Thursday to let me know they would be out to paint at 9:30am on Friday. They kept their word and got all the trim painted on Friday. Christian called on Friday evening to make sure everything was done to our liking and the crew cleaned up (it was and they did). He then came out on Saturday to make sure the job was done well and collect final payment. We're happy with the end result and the customer service and price were amazing.”

Kelly T. – Boise, ID


“We used an Angie's List Big Deal putting our telephone number in the text box. Christian phoned within hours to set up our first appointment. His crew is courteous, respectful, timely, and professional, returning two days after completion to be sure we were satisfied and to fix tiny details. We are very pleased with the final result and think our house looks wonderful.”

Helen F. – Meridian, ID


“As we went along other things cropped up like enclosing/boxing in an upstairs railing whose spindles were favorites with my 3 large wood-crunching parrots, replacing/rehanging doors, repairing a casement window so it would actually close, essentially rebuilding the hall closet including insulating and sheathing the exterior subfloor - it was completely open to the elements which explained the cold and damp. And much, much more. They were extremely accommodating of my scheduling changes and provided service way above and beyond any expectation I had. Everyone was pleasant and respectful and did really nice work - they took pride in their jobs. The house looks amazing. I'll definitely work with Christian again.”

Charlene F. – Middleton, ID


“Very pleased with everything. Crew arrived on time, all seemed to strive for perfection, very skilled. Had a crack in the wall, very visible, they repaired the crack and now it is invisible. They worked quickly. They did an excellent job. Would highly recommend them.”

Art M. – Eagle, ID